Our Approach

Our Model

Our holistic approach is to create a liveable job that offers: basic benefits, career building opportunities and a fair & engaging workplace. We leverage our partners including social services agencies providing wraparound services to support the overall well-being of our employees.

Bridging the Wealth Gap

We offer an innovative, holistic approach to tackling underemployment and stabilizing communities. The stressors of poverty create a vicious cycle. Food scarcity, health access, liquidity, legal challenges and lack of financial stability are a heavy burden to the underemployed.

At LiftUp we strive to alleviate some of these challenges while creating pathways for our employees to grow.



Our Partners

At LiftUp we firmly believe in creating opportunities for all employees to grow professionally as well as generate wealth for their families.

– Emigdio Gamboa, Chief of Staff, LiftUp Enterprises

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