About Us

Started in 2018, LiftUp Enterprises is a for profit, MBE certified, social enterprise grounded by dignity based operating principles that creates opportunities for employee to grow and stabilize their lives.

Our Mission

LiftUp is a for profit social enterprise that creates, grows, and scales profitable entities that are managed with dignity.

Our Vision

LiftUp’s vision is to accelerate the stability and mobility of low-income communities by focusing on both economic and social outcomes of its portfolio companies.

LiftUp Structure

LiftUp Enterprises is committed to creating jobs and bridging the wealth gap. Our approach focuses on both creating a livable job with basic benefits and providing wraparound services to support the well-being of our employees and accelerate their pursuit in building wealth and stability.

– Julian Posada, President and CEO, LiftUp Enterprises

Our Approach

Our holistic approach is to create a liveable job that offers: basic benefits, career building opportunities and a fair & engaging workplace. We leverage our partners including social services agencies providing wraparound services to support the overall well-being of our employees.

Our Team

Julian Posada

President and CEO

Emigdio Gamboa

Chief of Staff

Elisa Cosme

HR Generalist

Danielle Perez

Business Operations Manager

Martin Corral

Quality Control Manager

Bjorn Vogen

Business Development Analyst

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